Process Capability

The Company houses a complete processing line for the manufacture of High powered microscope — from Machining process , Painting up to final product assembly. We have one of the biggest and sophisticated machining facilities in Cebu equipped with modern CNC Machining Centers, Turning Centers, Automatic bar feeder machines (Swiss type) and Conventional machines such Press machines, Milling, Shearing, Lathe and Annealing Ovens.

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Our Painting process consist of Chromate Conversion Coating (CRO), Spray Painting and Printing process. We are the only company in the Philippines who has the capability of Cerami Painting.

Our Assembly process is a fully controlled environment. Capable of bonding optical lenses, lead free soldering, assembly from subparts to final product and packaging.

Through the years of experience, IMO has also developed Jig making process, Tool making and repolishing. This technology was acquired through trainings in our mother company in Japan.


Our machining is equipped with 95 units of Computerized Numerical Control  (CNC) and Conventional machines. These are capable of processing various types of materials such as aluminum, aluminum d... Read More»


Our Painting process utilizes Japan based technology and equipped with highly trained painters. Our process features spray painting which makes use of dry and oil booth. We have wide range of pain... Read More»


Assembly process is capable of bonding Ultra Violet type adhesives using sophisticated machines. We are using lead (Pb) free soldering process which is in compliance to environmental laws and RoHS re... Read More»

Jig Making

Most of our parts and products in our process uses jigs and fixtures to simplify complex  process and  increase productivity. To be able to meet dimension and high volume  production  requirement... Read More»

Tool Making/Bit Grinding

Our technology of tool bit grinding and polishing was acquired  from our  Japanese instructors . Due to  high cost of cutting tools ,  we develop cutter  polishing  like ... Read More»

Production Planning

Production control is involve from the purchasing of the materials for sub-items and microscopes production up to its ship-out (both local and foreign) to its corresponding customers as it covers purc... Read More»