Our Painting process utilizes Japan based technology and equipped with highly trained painters. Our process features spray painting which makes use of dry and oil booth. We have wide range of painting applications for different kinds of materials such as plastics, aluminum diecast and other metal alloys. We have Two (2)  Infrared Conveyor Ovens & Four (4)  Box Type Ovens which assure our quality in curing process. In order to enhance corrosion resistance and strong paint adhesion we apply chromate conversion coating process which involves degreasing, acid activation and chromating. We take pride of being one of the companies in the Philippines that has the capability to do ceramic painting. This process is developed to provide a highly abrasive-resistant surface.

We also have Screen Printing and Color Band process.


Our spray painting is a series of meticulous processes starting from items preparation wherein no painting area are covered with jigs up to final inspection of painted parts as required by the custo... Read More»


Printing process is categorized into two - manual and automatic. We print different kinds of materials ranging from plastics, nickel plated and painted aluminum diecast materials. We are capable o... Read More»

Pre- treatment

Our company specializes in chromate conversion process which offers great protection from corrosion, enhanced bonding ability on paints and electrically conductive. We use alchrome chemicals that d... Read More»