Our machining is equipped with 95 units of Computerized Numerical Control  (CNC) and Conventional machines. These are capable of processing various types of materials such as aluminum, aluminum die-cast , brass, stainless , bar materials among others with an accuracy up to 0.001mm.

Our processes includes turning, pocketing , milling, drilling , boring, reaming ,tapping, stamping, bending and other machining requirements. We can do fabrication from small to medium sized parts with  simple to complex machining operations. We design our process base on customer requirements  and drawings giving them parts with excellent quality.


Horizontal Milling

We have 9 units "4-AXIS" Horizontal Machining Centers  with 50/ 60 - POT Automatic  Tool Changer (ATC)magazines  which enable us to install various types of cutting tools which... Read More»

Vertical and Tapping

We have 12 units Vertical Machining Centers  with  12~ 30 - POT Automatic  Tool Changer (ATC)magazines  which enable us to install various types of cutting tools  which process complex parts i... Read More»

Bar Feeder

We have 18 units CNC Lathe Machines  with Automatic Bar Feeder. Our new Cincom Series of CNC lathe are capable of processing complex parts in just single set-up  due to its  main and back spindle ... Read More»


We have various types of CNC lathe machines (Turret type and Gang type) with very high accuracy and repeatability. These machines are capable of processing different kinds of materials like aluminum... Read More»


We have 4 units Stamping Press Machines; 110-ton ( 1 units ), 30-ton ( 3 units ). These machines are capable of cutting, forming and bending sheet metals of up to 6mm in thickness with provided die ... Read More»


Aside from CNC machines , we have a variety of conventional machines like GB Machine, Threading Machine, Milling machines, Drill press, Tapping machine and Lathe machines. These are use for non-cr... Read More»