Bar Feeder

We have 18 units CNC Lathe Machines  with Automatic Bar Feeder. Our new Cincom Series of CNC lathe are capable of processing complex parts in just single set-up  due to its  main and back spindle combination (Double Spindle Machining) .Its basic applications are external and internal turning, chamfering, cut-off, grooving, drilling, center drilling, reaming, boring , Knurling, thread cutting, cross hole drilling, face drilling, key- grooving, flat milling and slitting processes . This also provides heavy cutting and efficient machining of the work piece precisely. Our Bar feeder machines are capable of processing Bar materials from Ø2mm to 61 mm. Most of the material that we process are aluminum (A5056), brass , Polyoxymethylene plastics (POM) and stainless steels (SUS 303 & 304) .

These are the line-up of our CNC Bar Feeder Machines  “CINCOM Series” B12 (2 units) , BL20 (1 unit) , F12 (1 unit),F16 (1 unit) ,F20 (2 units) ,F25 (1 unit), FL25 (1 unit) , FL42 (5 units), L20 (1 unit), M20 (2 units). Other types are Takahashi TLM5 1 unit , Mazak  18QT  (1 unit).