Since IMO understands that the greatest resource of the company is the quality of its workforce- we address the need to distress from all the buzz and pressures of work by incorporating days in the company calendar allocated for wellness, recreation, sports and various commendations on ideas and practices towards improvement.

Sports Fest

A six-month long event where employees are given the opportunity to channel their competitiveness in physical activities through friendly competition  via team sport and individual games such as basketball, volleyball, lawn tennis, table tennis, badminton and mind game such as chess. Every June, a major festive day is set as awarding ceremonies for the winning teams and individuals.

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Section Bonding

A summer escapade event where each section gather and enjoy each others company-the likes of beach outing or night out to strengthen the camaraderie and teamwork.

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Team Building

Company supports the bonding of Section Managers and Supervisors through Educational Tours.

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Christmas Party

An annual celebration of the festive season enhancing employee’s creativity with presentations and highlighting the event with competition like Christmas tree making contests and others.

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Kaizen and 5’s Awarding

A monthly activity where employee’s ideas are recognized aiming towards improvement in the process, elimination of human error in work contributing to company’s higher efficiency and productivity.

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General Cleaning

A daily activity where the essence of 3S is practiced. Also a monthly awarding is given as recognition to the section where 5S is fully practiced making them the model section of the month.

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Social Responsibility

As part of Corporate Social Responsibility – IMO participates in various activities such as Barangay drainage clean-up, tree planting, book giving to selected schools in the local areas, participation to yearly Earth Hour and donation to those in need such as relief goods to typhoon and other calamity victims.

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